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Redbelly The Pirate

 Redbelly the Pirate (video series)
A long-running and very popular comedy series developed by the PDL Network; the show centers around the misadventures of a crew of Bwap pirates led by the infamous Bwap pirate Redbelly (played by So-Bebathadebdak; formerly of BBCOnlys' "Heavens, Help Us!") and the crew of the DSV Benevolent Temptress. Most of the comedy centers around the antics of the highly bureaucratic and formal all-Bwap crew as they try (and fail, often with hilarious results) to make a living on the edge of Human Space as cut-throat space pirates. Bosun Slipknott's (played by veteran Bwap actor "Opie" Oopeppae-poa) tagline of "Here are our piracy permits, all in order, yes? Now hand over the loot, please?" has shown up on mugs, t-shirts and other pop-culture apparel. While humans find the show highly amusing, Bwaps don't really understand the humor. So-Bebathadebdak, who plays Redbelly commented: "It is very strange, yes. Where the humor is being found is very indiscernible to me. It was five years before my discovery that the series was humor and not crime drama. But I am not to be turning away the paycheck."