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The Lord's Believers

The Lord's Believers (Conclave Christianity)

Founded on Chiron/Alpha Centauri in 2165 by Miriam Godwinson, this militant Christian sect almost immediately came into conflict with the colonial government and was a major factor in the foundation of the Promethean nation. Founded on Protestant beliefs, the Conclavists as they are known are almost a throwback to the days of the Puritans; banning alcohol, non-religious music, tobacco, coffee, pre-marital sex, homosexuality, drugs, artificial intelligence, robots, aliens, ghosts, cybernetics, psychic powers (although they make exceptions for faith healers who can prove their powers come from God), genetic upgrades, proles, uplifts and other religions. Despite these restrictions, the average Believer is kind, courteous and well-behaved. They maintain missions on almost every League world and their Defect Outreach programs address a well-known flaw in the League's social services ministry. Despite their beliefs, the Believers remain non-interdicted and many high ranking League officials are Believers or have Believer sympathies. The Lord's Believers currently claim fifteen million registered adherents in human space. While important in founding Prometheus, Godwinson and her followers were excluded from the new government due to conflicts with other Promethean leaders such as Zakharov, Morgan, Cha Dawn and Skye. Embittered, Godwinson was further betrayed by the Promethean government which handed her and her followers over to League forces as a show of willingness to call a cease fire. Godwinson died in prison on Europa but her followers moved on to found enclaves on newly opened colonies. In 2246, the Believers won a charter to a cold stage two ecoformed world in the Gliese-445 system which resulted in thousands of Believer immigrants, who feel cheated by the League due to the presence of an SPA-administered spaceport and the continued presence of a Tellus Gmbh facility despite the end of the ecoforming process. Of some concern to League Colonial authorities is the existence of the Paladins, a paramilitary organization that claims the status of a National Guard despite a lack of proper certification by the proper Ministry. The Believer's are currently lobbying on Earth for removal of the restrictions imposed on their charter; including but not limited to: immigration restrictions, League control of the spaceport at Nazareth Landing, restrictions on local industry and shipbuilding, high tarriffs on imports and exports and most importantly a failure by the League to recognize Nazareth as either an independent nation or as a member polity..