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Food Networks Feed Channel in conjunction with the League of Human Nations Galactic Information Network, Pravan Foods and the Ministry of Entertainment presents...Cooking Bawapawab! with your host, Sasekweb, celebrity chef and owner of Mumbai's League-famous Karwepebsarwa Ethabbabwa.

"Tasaba, my friends and welcome back once more to Cooking Bawapawab! Today we are having a very, very special show for you viewers of this, my feed. My dearest colleague and close personal friend, Poabbet; author of the book Bwap Sushi: The Polite Fusing of Disparate Food Cultures and the Culture of Darke-Ba, and owner of the successful Bwap sushi, or darke-ba, restauraunt Thinly Sliced. Tasaba, Poabbet, tasaba."

"Tasaba and sebtaa to you, as well, learned and financially successful colleague, Sasekweb. It is a distinct honor to have received and accepted your invitation to appear on your show. My tree is fed by your manifold generosity."

"My tree, as well, is fed by your presence here, which enriches us both through amicable collaboration. Now in addition to being a successful restauranter and author, Poabbet is the first Bwap to have ever trained as an itamae, or traditional Nipponese sushi chef; Poabbet trained in Neo-Tokyo, Japan under the esteemed itamae Sato Akira. A grueling and very rewarding, both spiritually and financially, experience of whioch he relates some highlights in his book. A complimentary copy of Bwap Sushi, has been downloaded to all of your personal reader accounts; live audience members may choose to have a copy printed for them an signed by Poabbet at the conclusion of our recording session today."

"Your kindness and generosity is unparalled, my friend."

"Your expressions of gratitude and praise are likewise reciprocated. May I inquire as to what you have brought to share at our humble table today?"

"Well, I have several surprises of a pleasant nature, yes. I am well aware of our mutual shared fondness for fatty pworp, so I would be remiss as a guest were I not to adress this. I purchased these cuts from a very fine market stall dealing in fresh fatty pworp; the color renders it very succulent, yes?"

"Yes indeed, my friend. Camera One, may we get a closer look at this meat slicings? See how it glistens with the oils inherent in the flesh? That is good and fresh fatty pworp."

"Also, in celebration of my penchant for the fusing of Bwap and Nipponese techniques and materials, I have brought some mackerel, yellowtail, squid and a few pickled herring."

"Ah, I can presume by the addition of the pickled herring that you are intending to recreate your famous Viking Roll, yes?"

"Indeed; along with the Humanji flavors, I am including some a-chugga, tuggle, a few sea dragon cutlets, some false jack..."

"Ah, I perceive also several jars of your famous pickled vegetables and crusteceans, yes? I am agog with gustatory anticipations, yes."

"You flatter, my esteemed colleague. Yes, my humble recipies for special pickles will comprise a measure of today's dishes. I also have a few cages of assorted flavoring insects of the sort popular back home. I have prepared in advance the traditional sushi-meshi for the making of the sushi, and have assembled the nori, wasabi, soyu and other common Nipponese ingredients. I have also procured some special treats; avocados, eel, squid plant, rose petals, natto, corn smut, assorted nut meats and condiments."

"This shall be quite the treat; you may begin at your leisure. The corn smut is an unusual choise, I presume this means you are going to be making another of your special treats?"

"Sebtaa, my friend, you presume correctly. For today I will demonstrate examples of all five types of traditional Nipponese sushi as interprested through my own heritage and experiences. We will begin with seven examples of my nigirizushi technique."

"Now you still prepare sushi at Thinly Sliced, yes?"

"Of course, yes. I must continue to set an example for both my students and my junior itamae; innovation also comes to me most when I am preparing food for the consumption of my friends and customers. In addition to my work at Thinly Sliced, I have been performing my art at the behest of Pravan Bahadur, the current chairman of Pravan Development for his annual shareholder meetings. So in honor of the most generous and benevolent Mister Pravan, I present his personal favorite of my creations; my smutto curry roe nigiri; you begin with the sushi-meshi, hand formed like so; in a separate bowl you mix the corn smut and the natto together; the curried roe is applied liberally at this stage and I use some wakame to provide some added texture and flavor to the nigiri."

"This is a stunning thing, Poabbet, truly stunning. May I partake?"

"Of course, I have prepared a sampling of these nigiri right before the show for the audience as well, okaas, okaas."

"Mmmm, yes. Succulent and surprising; smutto has always been a personal favorite of mine since I first had some at Simile's in Jaabtown. The curry and wakame does not overpower the pungency of the natto curds. Truly I can see why Ser Pravan would admire it so much."

"Your kind words embarass me favorably, sebtaa."

"What is next?"

"Next is a simple fatty pworp nigiri; I simply slice the fatty pworp in the proscribed manner; like so."

"Ahh, what is this? I see you have previously scored the flesh?"

"Yes, this is to help release some of the natural oils hidden within the flesh of the fatty pworp; which when combined with the flavor of the wasabi, I think will produce for you a favorable taste."

"Oh, most surprising in a very agreeable manner, Poabbet. What would you recommend to cleanse the palate after the powerful experience of the fatty pworp?"

"I prefer a cup of Gold Star sake, myself."

"Most humorous."

"But in truth I would suggest some brown rice and kelp tea...and a cup of Gold Star sake."

"Your wit is a gift to all who know you, my friend. What else do you have for our discriminating palates?"

"Well, I was saving this for later, however now is a good time to bring it out; traditional Nipponese miso soup is a nice compliment to a meal; but the taste is not always favorable to Bwap sensibilities, so I like to serve my own specialty, a fermented fish broth with green curry, pickled fish, usually blue plate or tarples, lemon, fresh herbs and gari. Very pungent and stimulating to the senses."

"Very innovative; the flavors and most importantly, the aroma is indeed very stimulating. What are you doing now?"

"Well, I brought some traditional Nipponese unagi, which I have previously pickled in a blend of waaba-, mirin and soyu; in addition I have some pickled Martian red vine and I am preparing some strips of eep flesh;  the eep flesh I have previously salted and coated with kakwae brine to preserve the color and help soften the usually tough flesh; I am clearing the spore pods so as not to ruin the naturally musty taste of the eep."

"An interesting choice; many people do not like eep."

"One of my junior itawae, Sasweeb, purchased some and experimented with it one night at Thinly Sliced, it proved to be quite the raging success; initially for the sheer novelty of serving something as questionable as eep to discriminating customers. But soon the flavors caught on themselves, and it is rapidly becoming quite popular among the younger sapients."

"I would be remiss if I did not try a piece for myself. Hmm, very interesting, there is an undercurrent I taste, though. Reminiscent of a-ke-ke?"

"You are a savant of flavors, my esteemed colleague. I have indeed used crushed a-ke-ke in place of the more traditional wasabi paste. I find the slightly acidic quality of the crushed insects to be a better compliment to the eep."


"For the last of the nigirizushi, I have prepared these lovely rainbow we-waba. I simply take the whole insect; glaze the wingcase with some weto and seal the whole together with a band of nori."

"Very pretty, Poabbet. I do not consciously know whether to eat it or put it on display. Truly fabulous."

"Your kind words humble me, friend Sasekweb."

"We must take a very brief break, so that our fine sponsors at Pravan Development LLP may enlighten you with the many fine products they offer; but when we return, Poabbet will continue to entice us with his creations; including my personal favorites, the a-chugga handroll and the Ganeesh roll."